Ren: I love you Aoba.
Noiz: I want you. Only you.
Clear: I want to make you happy~!
Mink: *grunts affectionately*
Koujaku: I think I like you... bUT I ALSO LIKE GIRLS HA AHA HA I'm actually straight! Football! Hairdressing! VERY VERY STRAIGHT YES. I'm going to hold your hand but no homo right??? AHAHAHAHA I'M SO MANLY (you're doing great koujaku) *nosebleeds at aoba's split ends*


Audio & Translation of Track 2 for the ClearAo - DMMd Drama CD Vol. 2

***Please be reminded that I DID NOT DO THE TRANSLATION. I’m just doing this to make it easy for everyone to listen to the track while reading the translation for the Drama CD. The translation was done by this WONDERFUL PERSON. So yeah, here it goes~***



Haga: Aoba-kun, you can take your lunch any time now.

Aoba: Ah, all right! It’s already that time, huh. Ngh, aah. That reminds me, Clear said that he was going to deliver a bento for lunch today. (stepping outside) I wonder if he’ll be here soon…

Clear: Uwaah!

Aoba: Huh?

Clear: Uwawaaaah!

Aoba: Aah… (crash) Uwah!!

Clear: Ah, ow ow ow…

Aoba: Eh? Cl-Clear?! Oh—what are you doing?

Clear: Ah, Aoba-san! I’m sorry, you’ve seeing me in such a shameful position.

Aoba: Does that mean…you came by the rooftops again?

Clear: Yes, it’s much faster that way. I wanted to hurry up and deliver your bento. I was heading over the rooftops but my leg slipped…

Aoba: Seriously, you…

Clear: Eeh, I’m sorry…but! It’s all right! The bento is safe!

Aoba: I’m not talking about the bento! Hah…well? You didn’t hit yourself anywhere, did you? Like your head.

Clear: I’m just fine! I’m not that poorly-built. Ah, whoa uh uh…

Aoba: Aah! Careful! Tch. What’s ‘just fine,’ you’re stumbling, aren’t you?

Clear: I-I’m sorry. I just got my feet tangled up.

Aoba: Just to be sure, it’s probably be a good idea to have Granny take a look at it when you get home. Geez…and to think you’re looking for a job when you’re that scatterbrained? Are you really okay?

Clear: Ehe…I’m sorry…

Aoba: Heh. You’re going to become a man who can support the Seragaki household, aren’t you?

Clear: Yes! That’s right!

Aoba: If that’s how it is, then it’s all the more reason why you should take care.

Clear: Yes!

Haga: Aah, what was that? I thought I heard some incredibly loud noise.

Aoba: Ah, Haga-san. I’m sorry to interrupt your break. This guy just had a little fall.

Clear: Haga-san, hello! I’m sorry to have made you come looking for us.

Haga: Oh, no, it’s nothing. But more than that, Clear-kun, are you hurt anywhere?

Clear: No! I’m fine!

Haga: Is that right. Since you’ve come at lunch time you must be delivering Aoba-kun’s bento, right?

Clear: Yes!

Haga: Clear-kun, your bentos are always so well-made. The likeness you made of Aoba’s face was especially skillful.

Aoba: Ah—aha. Hahaha…

Clear: Thank you very much! Ah, if you’d like it, I could make one for Haga-san as well next time.

Haga: Oh, well, you don’t have to go so far.

Clear: It’s nothing! I’d make a perfect likeness of you with your hat as well!

Haga: Eh? Perfect…with my hat…what do you mean by…

Aoba: Aahahahaha! Boss, it’s noon so you must be hungry, right? Let’s hurry up and eat lunch! If we don’t it’ll cause trouble for this afternoon’s work. Right??

Haga: Aah. That’s right. I have to eat for this afternoon. Well then, I’ll return to the shop.

Aoba: Yes!

(Haga returns to the store)

Aoba: Haah…nngh. Clear.

Clear: Yes

Aoba: From here on out, Haga-san’s head, hat, and anything touching on that area are forbidden.

Clear: Hm? Why is that?

Aoba: It doesn’t matter why! This kind of thing is a delicate problem.

Clear: I don’t quite understand but…I understand! From here on out I will be more careful!

Aoba: Mhm. Hah…Clear, thank you for bringing me the bento.

Clear: It’s nothing. Then, I don’t want to disturb you during your lunch so I’ll return home shortly.

Aoba: Aah. Oh! We’ll ask Granny to take a look after I get home.

Clear: Yes, I understand. Aoba-san, please do your best this afternoon as well!

Aoba: Mhm, thank you. Make sure you take care to walk home.

Clear: Of course!


(typing and computer beeps)

Tae: Hmmh.

Aoba: How is it, Granny? Is there anything wrong with Clear?

Tae: It seems he’s all right. I only took a quick look but there doesn’t seem to be anything out of the ordinary.

Aoba: Ah, really? That’s great.

Clear: I’m very sorry to have caused you any concern.

Tae: For heaven’s sake. I know that you can be careless, but even still you have to look out for yourself before anything else.

Clear: Yes…

Tae: You were once broken. Even though there’s no problems now, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be malfunctions at some point in time. And what’s more, we can’t tell if those malfunctions would be something that I can fix. That’s why you should do your best to decrease those risks and take better care of yourself.

Clear: Yes…I really am very sorry.

Tae: I get it, it’s fine. Make sure that this doesn’t happen again, all right?

Clear: Yes.

Tae: Haah, my shoulders are a bit of a mess. I’m going to go take a bath.

Aoba: Clear, let’s go to my room.

Clear: Yes… (sigh)

Aoba: Don’t be so depressed.

Clear: But, I made Tae-san angry.

Aoba: Heh, she wasn’t angry, she was worried for you, Clear. That’s called the scourge of love. Right, Ren?

Ren: Yes. On the whole, although at times Tae’s displeasure may mean that she’s angry, there are clear differences when she’s worried.

Aoba: That’s right.

Clear: Eh…I wonder if that’s true.

Aoba: Of course it is. That’s because Granny already thinks of you as part of the family, Clear.

Clear: Weh…

Aoba: Just keep an eye out after this.

Clear: Yes…I will be more careful.

Ren: Clear, don’t be so discouraged.

Clear: Weeh! Ren-san! Thank you very much! (hugging Ren) Aah…so fluffy…I’ve been calmed down…

Aoba: Ahahaha. Oh, that reminds me, Clear. Did you find any places looking for work?

Clear: No, not yet. I did some searching on the web and walked around town to see if anyone had signs posted. The ones who had something posted right now were, let’s see…a flower shop, a supermarket, a liquor store, an ice cream shop, an anything shop.

Aoba: What’s an anything shop?

Clear: The details weren’t included in the posting, but it seems like it’s a job where you’re delivering goods to all sorts of places. The salary was exceptionally high but there weren’t many qualifications for employment. The posting said it was a bright and happy place to work!

Aoba: Eeh…isn’t that…some kind of bad job??

Clear: Eh? Do you think so?

Aoba: No matter what you do, don’t contact them!

Clear: Yes…I understand.

Aoba: But you know, it’s your first time looking for a job so you can’t know right away what kind of jobs would be good. It really would be great if you could work with me at Heibon, but we get by well enough with just me. I’ll take a look at some job offer postings as well. If I find anything that looks good, let’s contact them.

Clear: Yes! But…what should we do if no one wants to hire me…

Aoba: If that happens then we’ll just keep looking. This kind of thing’s a matter of luck and timing. Even if you get rejected, just ignore it and keep on attacking.

Clear: Yes. I understand. I’ll do my best!

Aoba: Right. Do your best.

Clear: Then, I’ll return to the first floor now to fold the rest of the laundry.

Aoba: Do you want me to help out?

Clear: It’s fine. Aoba-san has work tomorrow so please rest up.

(Clear leaves and there’s a sound of flailing and a crash. Aoba runs out after him)

Aoba: Clear!

Clear: I’m sorry. I missed my footing on the stairway. But, I didn’t fall down!

Aoba: Hah. Are you sure you’re really okay?

Clear: Yes! Though tripping like this right after saying something like that isn’t any good, is it? I’ll look out—

Aoba: Hold up a minute.

Clear: Eh? Aoba-san…?

Aoba: Please, look out for yourself.

Clear: Ah, yes. I’m sorry to have made you come after me.

(Clear heads downstairs)